Welcome to Fair Oaks Ranch. We are proud of our natural, grass-fed beef program and we stand behind it 100%. This website was created for our customer’s convenience; in order for them to purchase our natural, grass-fed, angus beef, our genetics, and to get a peek at life around the ranch. Thanks for visiting Fair Oaks Ranch where we use ’em to prove ’em!

New Zealand ANGUS grass fed genetics
Your source for sustainable cattle genetics

Buy New Zealand Angus Semen here and get a jump on the grass-fed beef industry!

Fair Oaks Ranch is the only source of Turihaua Stud genetics in the USA with the volume numbers of straws to influence a program.  After years of effort, Grass Fed genetics can be purchased without having to import from New Zealand with all the hassle.

Fair Oaks Genetics are 100% outside the American Angus gene pool, offer a true outcross opportunity, and are registered in the American Angus Association.

If your program could use a tightening up on frame size back to efficiency, or a grass fed producer looking to marbling on grass, we have it.   You are a CLICK AWAY from making a profound difference in your herd.

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Foraged Based Genetics Proven to Finish on Pasture

Gamble from New Zealand genetics

  The benefits of our Angus genetics program affect your bottom line:

  • Deep-bodied animals with balance of bone and muscle
  • Economical efficiency
  • Inherent quiet temperament
  • Consistent quality
  • Over 100 years of inherent selection of grass-fed based genetics